Colors of the Brain


I co-founded Colors of the Brain in 2016 alongside other UCSD graduate students to build a community for ethnically underrepresented brain scientists. CoB hopes to share its enthusiasm for the brain sciences by providing these disadvantaged students real conversations about academia, graduate school applications, and the chance to be exposed to the brain sciences with lab tours. CoB hosts graduate application and graduate funding panels for UCSD minority undergraduates interested in STEM graduate programs. We coach mentees to apply for travel awards at various scientific conferences aimed at increasing minority participation in STEM.

More recently, we successfully began an paid undergraduate research experience!

Check out our feature in the UC San Diego Newsletter!

Hey! A Loaded Pipette is back from our mid-season break with an enlightening episode with Christian Cazares. Christian is a neuroscience PhD student at UCSD working on research around decision-making in the brain and how it’s affected by alcohol. With spicy pineapple margaritas in hand, Christian leads The Drunk Scientist through his uniquely interdisciplinary approach to neuro, the truth about the “acceptable” limits of alcohol, the meditative powers of skateboarding, and much more! Follow us on all social media @aloadedpipette!

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